Monthly Archives: March 2014

The Blogging Challenge

I have been convicted as a professional to blog more consistently.  For the past few weeks, each time I participate in various educhats, I see people talking about the need to blog and the benefits of those who have made it a regular part of who they are.

Tonight, I participated in the #educoach chat and was as one participant said “Triple Dog Dared” to accept the challenge to blog regularly.

So we discussed why don’t we blog more often.  For me, I’m an ADHD reflective thinker who has no problems filling words on a page, but how to keep from rambling and getting to wordy is one stumbling block I face.

I believe the main reason I don’t blog frequently is the fear of not writing and expressing my thoughts perfectly.  Then I decided that if I am truly going to work to be a Growth Mindset leader, I have to be willing to move from my imperfect ways and work to more improved ways.  So I begin tonight with this goal: Blog at least once a month and post it on  #educoach.

Thanks to @KathyPerret, @Jbteachr, & @kristinellis for encouraging me and challenging me to move forward with my Growth Mindset journey as I work to blog more regularly.  I appreciate your support, encouragement, and willingness to forgive if a setback or two occurs.